Our Eco-council was set up by the children to help us look after our environment both inside and outside the school.

Our Aims are:

  • To promote good environmental practice inside and outside of school.
  • To reduce the amount of electricity and gas we use. (We are reducing the electricity by having signs next to light switches reminding students to turn off the lights. All the Eco-councillors are reminding adults about turning computers and projectors off)
  • To make sure our school remains a safe and welcoming place for humans, animals and plants!

By doing these things we hope to achieve the silver award from the Eco-schools initiative.

We have surveyed the school to find out what we already do in each of the 9 areas environmentally important areas suggested by Eco-schools.  Here is a summary:

What we already do! Turn off lights to save electricity.

We have changed electricity to a renewable supplier.

Recycle, paper, card and plastic.

Refill whiteboard pens

Recycle other pens

Recycle ink cartridges

Litter picking.

Solar panels provide electricity.- We are having this checked out soon

Run lots of sports clubs

Active Nature Club

Very active Gardening Club

Walk to school week

Include Environmental Issues in our Curriculum

Promote appreciation of our local and global environment in our Out and About Sessions.

What we need to do next! Carry on saving electricity by promoting our “Turn it off “ campaign.

Keep updating the Eco-council board to keep everyone informed.

Make everyone aware of how our curriculum focusses on looking after the Environment.

Promote Environmental Issues in our Curriculum

Consider “single use plastic” and polystytrene use in school


Here is our action plan to help us achieve the Silver award

This is what we aim to do to help the school and the wider community:

What? When? Impact?
Find out the ways in which looking after our environment is covered in our curriculum. Summer 2019 We will all know how we cover the ideas of being environmentally friendly at school
Eco council to re-assess ourselves against the Eco-schools Silver criteria End of Summer 2 Know where we are
After self assessing eco-council to choose points for improvement. Summer 2 Know where to go next
Share progress with the whole school and introduce our next ideas-  In Assembly Autumn 1 2019 School aware of what we have done
Promote more inclusion of Environmental issues in our curriculum Autumn 2019


The Mayfield Eco-Council Initiatives

Turning Off Lights

As one of our school’s New Year’s resolution we aim to turn off the lights when we leave a room.  We do this to save electricity and use natural resources that we already have AKA the sun! To help this cause we have bright vibrant posters encouraging students and teachers to turn off the lights and other electrical equipment. It is good to keep lights off because it saves the schools money and energy.




Shut the Doors

As a school we are focusing on shutting the doors to outside. This will include the  Y1 main doors, the Y2 cloakroom doors and the doors leading from the large hall to the junior playground.

We do this to save electricity as the school needs to try and keep heat in to stay warm and to save money for other school related resources.


National Walk to School Week! 20-24th May

We will also be promoting  “National walk to school week.”  In this event pupils and staff are encouraged to walk/cycle to school. This is good for our environment, the wellbeing of others and global warming.



Pen Recycling

Used and empty pens are now being collected from all classrooms and then recycled with a company called Terra-cycle.