The Library is open after school until 4.30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  It has been a joy to see parents bringing children into the Library to switch books. One proud child announced, “And this, Mummy, is the Library!” as they came in the door. Other children have been using the computers to work on homework projects.  Children have also been able to show parents computer programs that they have used in ICT class.  Kids are excited about the work they do in the Library!

Many children come to the Library at lunchtime and are eager to borrow books, but unfortunately they have left their current library books at home and can only have one at a time.   Please ask your children if they have library books that need to be returned, and help them remember to put them in their book bags.  All Mayfield Library books have “CSL” on the binding (for Central School Library) or they have a coloured sticker with a Dewey Decimal number if they are non-fiction books.  Books can be kept at home for one week.  We have an amazing resource in the Library and want to encourage all families to take advantage of it!