A typical school day

8.45am Children start to arrive and go directly to classrooms
8.55am Registration
10.45am Break
11.00am Return to class
11.30am Lunch (Foundation stage)
12.00pm Lunch (KS1)
12.15pm Lunch (KS2)
12.40pm Afternoon registration (Foundation stage)
1.05pm Afternoon registration (KS1)
1.15pm Afternoon registration (KS2)
2.15pm Afternoon break (KS1)
3.15pm End of school day (KS1)
3.20pm End of school day (KS2)


The school playgrounds are open and supervised from 8.30 am but children should not arrive before that time.

During the lunch hour teaching assistants undertake the supervision of the children, both those eating lunch in the hall and those out on the playground and field.

Children should be collected from the playground at the end of the school day; Infants at 3.15pm and Juniors at 3.20pm.

We recommend that Infant children be accompanied to and from school.

In bad weather, parents are welcome to wait in the school from 3.10pm (Infants) and 3.15pm (Juniors).Please bear in mind that children will still be working in class at this time.

If children are waiting for an after-school activity to begin they should be supervised by a parent or responsible adult until the activity starts.