Attendance Information Leaflet Attendance Policy


If your child is unable to attend school for any reason, please notify the school by 10.00am on each day of absence by emailing or telephoning the school office, contacting the class teacher, or by sending a note.
We are required to monitor absences in detail as follows:
authorised absence – where a reason is given
unauthorised absence – where no reason is given

Guidance on Illness Absence Periods

It is important that children should arrive at school punctually. Repeated lateness can be upsetting to a child, disruptive to the class, and where a reason is not given can count as an unauthorised absence. The school day begins at 8.55 am.

We are bringing our holiday policy in line with county and national policy and not authorising any term time holiday.  We will only authorise leave during term time in exceptional circumstances and we will look at each request individually.  Further information is detailed on the Cambridgeshire County Council website:  Cambridgeshire County Council – Term Time Holidays

Children and Young People’s Health Services

Please see below contact details for the Children and Young People’s Health Services this includes The School Nursing Team:
Tel: 0300 029 5050

Medication in School
If it is absolutely necessary for your child to be given a dose of antibiotics etc during the school day please take note of the following:
• ALL medication coming in to school must be clearly labelled with the child’s name and dose (pharmacist’s label if prescription medicine)
• You must also send in written permission and details of what time the medicine is to be given.
• All medicine to be handed in at the office.
• Your child should be instructed to go to the first aid room when their medication is due.