Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) are well established at Mayfield School and, since September 2014, French has been taught throughout Key Stage 2.  In years 3 and 4, children have regular short sessions with their class teachers, whilst in years 5 and 6, children have an hour a week with a qualified language teacher.  Initially, emphasis is placed on listening and speaking skills, before reading and writing skills are introduced.  Songs and word games; animations and video clips; role plays and creativity, play an important part in lessons, giving the children a wide range of ways to access and practise the language. In addition, the children are introduced to the culture of France and of the French-speaking countries of the world.


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Y3 Core Unit 1:
How are you?
What is your name?

Core Unit 1:
How old are you?
My family
My fantastic family

Core Unit 2:
Numbers to 20

Core Unit 2:
I like
Nicholas the monster

Core Unit 3:
Head, shoulders, knees and feet!
Parts of the body
Numbers to 31

Core Unit 3:

Y4 Main Unit 1 Animals:
On the farm
What’s your dog like?
Main Unit 1 Animals:
Where is the cat?
Where is the elephant?
Henri looks for his mother
Main Unit 2 Food:
I like to eat
What are you eating?
Main Unit 2 Food:
French toast
Main Unit 3 School:
How do you go to school?
In your pencil case
Main Unit 3 School:
What time is it?
The magic bag
Y5 Unit 1 Salut Gustave!
Greet and give personal information
Ask and talk about brothers and sisters
Say what people have and do not have
Say what people are like

Unit 2 À l’école
Name school subjects
Talk about likes/dislikes at school
Ask and say the time
Talk about timings of the school day

Unit 3 La nourriture
Ask politely for food items
Describe how to make a sandwich
Express opinions about food
Talk about healthy and unhealthy food

Unit 4 En ville
Name places in the town
Ask the way and give directions
Say where you are going
Give the time and say where you are going

Unit 5 En vacances
Ask and say where you are going on holiday
Express opinions about holidays
Talk about what you are going to do on holiday
Talk about holiday plans

Unit 6 Chez moi
Name rooms in the house
Describe rooms in the house
Say what people do at home
Say what people do and where

Y6 Unit 7 Le week-end:
Ask and talk about regular activities
Say what you don’t do
Say what other people do
Talk about what you like/dislike doing

Unit 8 Les vêtements:
Ask and say what clothes you’d like
Give opinions about clothes
Say what clothes you wear
Ask and talk about prices

French play
Learn to say and sign a traditional or fairy tale
Become familiar with the art of mime
Rehearse the play
Perform the play

Unit 9 Ma journée:
Ask and talk about daily routine
Talk about times of daily routine
Ask and talk about breakfast
Talk about details of a typical day

SATs preparation

Unit 10 Les transports:
Talk about forms of transport
Talk about where and how you get there.
Talk about plans for a trip
Buy tickets at the station