Between us at Mayfield we can speak 46 different languages with a high proportion of children speaking more than one language.  We celebrate our diversity in various ways e.g. displaying the languages around the school, celebrating the language of the month, sending Monty Mayfield to visit different countries, holding an International Award and running an International Club.

Some children each year start school with very little or no English.  We support children as fully as possible within the classroom through the excellent work of class teachers working closely with our equally excellent teaching assistants, Kate Stalker and Fiona Connan.  Occasionally we are able to access first language support through the County.  Overall our children do extremely well academically.

Socially the children settle quickly into the school, making friends and accessing a wide range of extra curricular activities.

Kate and Fiona currently run a Bengali / International parents group to enable parents to become more familiar with the school and all its activities so that parents are able to support their children further.