Mayfield Mosaic

Mayfield School Vision Statement

  • Everyone is welcome
  • Our diversity enriches us all
  • We all do our best for ourselves and for each other

As a community, our specific aim for pupils is to create a safe and supportive environment in which they can achieve the following:

  • feel a part of the school
  • achieve their individual best
  • access a creative and stimulating curriculum
  • access an active programme of before school, lunchtime and after school activities
  • take responsibility for themselves and their school environment
  • communicate their needs and ideas confidently (feel free to speak up)
  • create a positive self image/ high self esteem (you’re proud of yourself and your school)
  • promote a healthy lifestyle

Our specific aim for staff is to provide an environment in which the children can excel.  We will support staff to

  • promote a culture of fairness and equality
  • access  professional and personal development
  • be encouraged to manage a healthy work- life balance
  • be positive role models for the pupils

Our specific aim for parents is to feel a part of the school community.  We will support parents to

  • support their children to attend school during term time
  • support their children to be punctual and equipped for school activities
  • be well informed of their child’s progress and targets
  • identify ways in which parents can support school learning and carry them out
  • encourage parents to support the school in whatever way they can

Our specific aim for governors is to set the standards for school governance and accountability.  We will support them to

  • know and understand the school
  • ensure a coherent school development plan is produced, which sets out aims and objectives for the school
  • challenge and monitor implementation of the school vision and school development plan

Our specific aim for the whole school community is to encourage and recognise the contribution of all.  We aim to achieve this by

  • celebrating individual, class and school achievements
  • celebrating the diversity of cultures within the school
  • encouraging a coming together of the whole school community

M  – Making the most of our Opportunities

A   – Achieving our Best

Y   – Yourself and proud of it!

F   – Free to speak up

I    – Included and Including others

E   – Eco friendly and Environmentally aware

L   – Love Learning and Healthy Living

D  – Developing other interests (golden time, lunchtime and after school)


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