For the second year running, Mayfield’s summer production was threatened by the pandemic, but four bubbles of children in years 3, 4, 5 and 6 have created an exciting performance under the musical direction of their teacher Anne Taylor and the direction of Sul-Hui Lee. Lucie Arnaud provided video and Alison Cox dance and costumes.

The process of developing a performance under these circumstances demanded extraordinary professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication from the children. They gave this to the very end, and we are really proud of them.
We really hope you enjoy the show, and if you are able to then please make a donation to the Mayfield Music Fund which supports music education throughout the school. Donations can be made at


Composer Tim Kraemer said ‘i loved every minute- the children are so involved and it’s wonderful to see them enjoying themselves so much- fantastic acting! The production was so imaginative and I found the ending really moving’ 


Watch our production of children’s opera Ulysses and the Wooden Horse :