The Hearing Support Centre is a specialist resource base providing support for deaf children from across South Cambridgeshire. Most deaf children are supported in their local school but some require more specialist support such as can be found at Mayfield where there is a Qualified Teacher of the Deaf and a team of Specialist Hearing Support Teaching Assistants on site.

We want to ensure that all deaf children develop an effective communication system so that they can access information and communicate their thoughts and feelings. The aim is to ensure that deaf children are included in all aspects of school life by meeting their individual learning and communication needs and promoting deaf awareness across the school.

A major focus is on supporting Class Teachers and Specialist Teaching Assistants and advising on inclusive teaching strategies and resources that enable deaf children to achieve alongside their hearing peers. We hope that in doing this we also provide for the learning needs of many other children within the school. Innovative teaching strategies such as Visual Phonics by Hand have proved to support more than just the deaf pupils in their learning.

Deaf pupils are included in their mainstream class with hearing peers as much as possible. Where their learning needs are better met outside the classroom, the Hearing Support Centre provides a quiet environment and a base for resources where deaf children can learn and consolidate their learning either individually or as part of a small group.

If you are the parent of a deaf child and would like more information about the Hearing Support Centre you should contact your Teacher of the Deaf or Cambridgeshire Hearing Support Service on 01223 568848. Parents interested in receiving a prospectus or visiting the Hearing Support Centre and the school should contact the School Office on 01223 712127.

The Hearing Support Centre – A Parent’s perspective
‘The presence of hearing-impaired children in the school enriches the whole community, as right from Reception every child learns some Sign Language and accepts its use as a normal part of life. The signing teachers support class teachers and give a different perspective which benefits the whole class. At assemblies, shows and events in school, Sign Language is used by all, and all are included.’