20 June 2019 – Y1 children harvested spinach and lettuce leaves for the lunchtime salad bar before the little snail could munch its way through them.  The strawberries and peas are almost ready to pick.


23 May 2019 – The salad leaves are now ready to harvest and hopefully the lettuces are going to be on the plates today.  We didn’t have a competition for the biggest radish but if we had had, the trophy would have gone to RJ.


17 May 2019 – Our gardeners have been very busy here at Mayfield and we will have another harvest, the salad leaves next week.  Lots of other vegetables are growing and our fruit bushes look good as well.  There are are even more lowers blooming now – see how many different ones you can count.


2 May 2019 – We have harvested our first produce. The carrots are from Y2, the spring onions are from Y5 and Aspens will be serving them at lunchtime today.

There are also lots of flowers blooming in our grounds – more photos have been added to the slideshow.


28 February 2019 – The lovely weather we’ve had in late February has kick-started spring in our grounds.  What new flowers and creatures have you spotted?  We’ll be adding more photos in the next few weeks so please check back.

We have just ordered our first recycled plastic picnic bench which we hope will be very durable.  Please remember to register us as your Local Cause on your Co-Op card so that we can order several more benches with the proceeds: Co-Op Local Causes Appeal