July 2017 – the  Mayfield banner travelled to London for the Carnival Against Cuts on Sunday 16th July!  Journalist Gary Younge was MC for the speeches.  He said his mum was a school teacher and, now he is back from the States, his children attend state schools.  The speeches from a TA, Headteacher and pupils were heartbreaking yet also inspiring.  It really seems like we can’t leave things to chance and will have to continue campaigning to save our schools!

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May 2017 – Mayfield parents rallied at a picnic to protest against cuts in education funding which could mean staff cuts for many schools by 2020.  The picnic, organised by Zareen Islam, took place on May 26th and was part of a string of similar events at schools across Cambridge.  Read more in the Cambridge News: Parents organise picnics all over Cambridge to protest education funding cuts