Our recent food festival on October 1st was a great success.  Mayfield families brought along a small dish of their favourite or national food to share and this year we had delicious food from at least 24 countries.  It was a lovely opportunity to make new friends and catch up with old ones.

The food festival is an annual event so if your mouth is watering at the thought of sampling the dishes below please keep an eye open for next year’s festival.

The international dishes/countries represented included:
Bougatsa from Greece
Maicenitas from Chile
Apricot jam and bread from Hungary
Celebration rice from Israel
Vegetable samosa from Indai/Pakistan
Honey cake – a Jewish New Year staple
Jiaozi (dumplings) from China
Lumpia (spring rolls) from the Philippines
Crackers with asparagus or spiced squash dip and coleslaw
Rice noodles and roast duck from China
Potato pokara
Fruit curry
Jerk chicken and corn on the cob from Jamaica via Hackney
Blini from Russia
Moshla handesh from Bangladesh
Stir fried chicken noodles from Thailand/Singapore
Cornulete from Romania
Shortbread and chocolate from Scotland
Spiced apple crumble, pork pies, scotch eggs and sausages from Scotland
Greek salad
Pizza from Italy
Dumplings with cheese and potatoes from Poland
Tom Yum rice from Thailand
Tortilla de Patata from Spain
Tuna pasta bake from the UK
Mughlai paratha from Bangladesh
Shrimp crackers from China
Dumplings (beef and celery) from China
Japchae from South Korea
Bulgar wheat and roast vegetables
Spinach and feta pie from the middle east
Salted steamed chicken from China
Cheeses from Switzerland and France
Paode queijo from Brazil
Boiled eggs in tea from China