The job of the Governing Body is to work with the Headteacher in the management and leadership of the school. All of the Governing body are keen to hear the views and opinions of the everyone involved in the school and local community. There will normally be at least on member of the governing body at most school events or just in the playground before and after school.

Please stop and have a chat with any one of us, the photos below should help you spot us.


Paula AyliffePaula Ayliffe





AviAvinash Bhangaonkar





Anna ChaudhriAnna Chaudhri






Alison Cox

Chair of the Premises and Pupil Wellbeing Committee




Mary Cullen






Judith Greenwood

Chair of Governors

Acting Chair of the Finance Committee





David Hargreaves

Chair of the Performance & Assessment Committee


Jas 2Jaspaul Hill

Head Teacher




Zareen IslamZareen Islam





PetrocPetroc Mackenzie-Williams





Jane McHugh

Jane McHugh





Jo Sharpington

Joanne Sharpington





Bridget SomekhBridget Somekh

Chair of Personnel Committee




Kate StalkerKate Stalker





Sarah Stepney WideSarah Stepney






Rob Thompson

Chair of the Governing Body Effectiveness Working Party



Jim ThorpeJim Thorpe





The descent

Mary Wheater





Cocktail Party Selfie 2Kate Vadhia