You can download and print the term dates for the 2018-19 academic year using the link below.

Mayfield Term Dates 2018-19

These are our term dates for the 2019-20 academic year:  Mayfield Term Dates 2019-20   Please note that these are the revised dates and are different from ones published in November 2018

All our events dates are listed further down this page in date order – for more information about each event please click on the event title.  If you prefer the main dates all on one printable page per term please use these download links. Please note that these documents were prepared in the summer term of 2018 and therefore do not include more recently added dates such as PTA events etc.

Dates of School Events 2018-19


Term dates for future academic years are available on the Cambridgeshire County Council website Cambridgeshire Term Dates  Please note that these do not include all teacher training days as some of these are set by the school.