On Tuesday 5th December Mr Etherton an ex Mayfield pupil* visited our school.  In assembly he shared some of his memories of Mayfield, some of the work he had done when he was at school and told us about how he became a Head Teacher.  Shaimaa, Kenny, Henry and Nafeesah from year five asked Mr Etherton some questions after the assembly:



How did you feel leaving Mayfield?
Mr Etherton said that he was very sad when he had to leave Mayfield, but that he has a dictionary that was given to him which he keeps on his bookshelf to remind him of the school.

One of the pictures you showed us that you had drawn at school was of a big smiley face that was done in National Smile Week. Why did you draw it?
The picture was drawn during national smile week which encourages people to clean their teeth to keep them healthy and give them a nice smile.

Do you like being a Head Teacher?
Mr Etherton said that he loves being a head teacher. He particularly likes seeing all the progress children make from when they start in reception to when they leave in year six. He likes seeing how their work gets better and better and also how children get more confident when they do performances

What jobs do you have as Head Teacher?
Mr Etherton said that he had to worry about the safety of the children. He also has to deal with money because the teachers need paying for teaching, and there are also electricity bills.



Thank you for taking the time to visit us – we really enjoyed the assembly.

*Mr Etherton is now Head Teacher of St Nicolas and St Mary CE Primary School in Shoreham, West Sussex