Caythorpe 2


Friday 20th October

3.20pm – they are at the Histon Road/A14 roundabout.

1.35pm – the coach is just leaving Caythorpe.  We will keep you updated about the ETA at Mayfield.

10.25am – photos from this morning of survival training.  Mrs Dupre says “They learnt to start fires with a flint, build a shelter and whittled pegs! They also talked about using camouflage to hide!”

Caythorpe 2017 22

Caythorpe 2017 21

Caythorpe 2017 20



10.20am – The weather is grey with a bit of blue and a chance that the sun may pop out.  Last night’s activity was a disco and today’s challenges include the giant trapeeze and more shelter building and whittling in the woods.  The children say they’re “having a fantastic time” and “it’s the best holiday ever”.

Mrs Dupre will call the office when the coach leaves Caythorpe and will keep us updated as the journey progresses.  Currently we are expecting the coach to get back to school at around 3.15pm and we will let you know if this is likely to change.


8.15am – some photos from yesterday:

Caythorpe 2017 14

Caythorpe 2017 15

Caythorpe 2017 16

Caythorpe 2017 17

Caythorpe 2017 19

Thursday 19th October

1.30pm – some photos from yesterday:

Caythorpe 2017 11

Caythorpe 2017 9


Caythorpe 2017 8

Caythorpe 2017 7


Caythorpe 2017 10

Caythorpe 2017 6

10.30am – another good night’s sleep had by all.  Last night the children enjoyed a campfire, luckily the weather stayed dry.  Today there is some drizzle in the air but so far this morning groups have been enjoying the quad bikes, and will do trapeeze and climbing later.  Children in the background of Mrs Hill’s phone call could be heard saying “It’s REALLY fun!”.


Wednesday 18th October

9.15am – It rained overnight and has started out grey this morning.  Everyone slept really well.  Today’s activities include aeroball, problem solving and climbing and tonight’s activity will either be a disco or a campfire.

8.30am – a sunny day of activities yesterday followed by a glorious sunset.

Caythorpe 2017 3

Caythorpe 2017 4

Caythorpe 2017 5


Tuesday 17th October

9.00am – it’s very windy but the sun is out.  The children slept well but some managed to wake up the staff with their late night/early morning excitement!  Everyone’s eaten a good breakfast.  The first activities start at 9.00am and include orienteering, giant swing and climbing.


Monday 16th October

3.35pm – they have all arrived safely.

1.20pm – they’re finally loaded up and have left Mayfield!

Caythorpe 2017 2Caythorpe 2017 1








9.30am – Y6 will be leaving on their Caythorpe Court adventure later today.  Please check back here during the week for regular updates.