The Hubbub appeal ended on 20th July and sadly we didn’t meet our (very ambitious) target of £8k which means that payment will not be taken for the online pledges. We always knew it would be a big challenge.  However, we’ve been delighted with the level of support we’ve received from all areas of the community. Several people who made pledges have told us they wish Mayfield to have the money anyway, to spend on projects to support and encourage reading in the school.   Thank you so much to everyone who supported the appeal.



We’re in the Cambridge Independent:

Cambridge Independent

The Perse School have given us a lot of help with this project – find out more on their website:  The Perse School Website 

Huge thanks to everyone who has pledged so far and in particular The Haunted Bookshop for their incredibly generous £500 pledge.  Remember, even if you can’t pledge you can help by spreading the word far and wide.

Our crowdfunding site is now live!  #Readinbus Hubbub Site  Here’s how you can help us to make the bus a really special resource for Mayfield:

  1. Pledge a donation – it doesn’t have to be much, every little really does count.
  2. Share the project far and wide and you could be come the Greatest Influencer. Info about how to share via email and social networks is in this document: Hubbub Information  Email your friends and relatives and ask your employer if they would like to sponsor a local project; we will be giving publicity to significant donors (if they’d like it, anonymous is fine too).
  3. Don’t stop at your own network – ask your network to share with their networks
  4. Add your unique link to your email signature and your social media profiles
  5. If you Tweet include @hubbubnet and Hubbub will re-tweet. Including @theperseschool would also be fab as they have given us a lot of support with the project.
  6. Don’t just do all this stuff once! We only have until the deadline of 20th July to raise the money so please send out a few updates to your network during the next few weeks to keep the momentum going.
  7. There are rewards!

Time is of the essence!  We have a strict deadline of 20th July by which to reach our minimum target of £8k.  If we don’t reach the target we don’t receive a penny of the money and the project will not go ahead as the school does not have any spare money with which to make up any shortfall.

Thank you!

Bus Outside

Together with The Perse School we are hoping to raise £8,000 to decorate the outside of the Mayfield Reading Bus, which will create an inviting space to encourage pupils to read.  This will have a lasting impact on the children, firing their imaginations, developing their literacy skills and inspiring a life-long love of reading.

If we reach our minimum target we’ll be able to get the old youth bus decals stripped off, the bus surface prepared and new pupil-designed Alice in Wonderland themed decals installed.  If we beat our target the new decals will be able to cover some of the window area to make the design really eye-catching.  If we do even better we’ll be able to buy more books to stock our bookshelves inside.

The Reading Bus has been wonderful addition to Mayfield Primary School, and we are excited to have this opportunity to make it an even more special part of the site.  An exciting, colourful bus decorated with the children’s own artwork will encourage more pupils to use this space and explore the books inside, sparking their interest in literature and independent learning.  The wrap will also protect the fabric of the bus from the elements.  By donating to our Reading Bus or spreading the word about this project, you will enhance facilities and experiences available to all children at Mayfield Primary.

Bus 8