We recently asked each child in school to make half a hundred hedgehogs using salt dough and to bring them in for maths week.

Possible questions to consider whilst making the hedgehogs were:

  • How many hedgehogs is ‘half a hundred’?
  • How could you arrange your hedgehogs to make them easy to count?
  • If you keep splitting your ball of dough in half, you will have enough to make 2 huge hedgehogs or 4 very large hedgehogs or 8 big hedgehogs or …
  • How many hedgehogs will the children in your class make?
  • How many hedgehogs will all the children in the school make?
  • What would 100 hedgehogs look like?
  • What would 1000 hedgehogs look like?

We can now answer “What would over 10,000 hedgehogs look like?” as the response we had was amazing (we have been told that the local Aldi ran out of plain flour over the weekend!)

Here is a powerpoint about how the children set about counting them: