Following the huge delay in receiving our order this year here is a statement from the CEO of Art Projects for Schools: APFS CEO Statement We are currently waiting for information from APFS about the wrapping paper order and will let parents know as soon as we hear anything.




Welcome to our Seasonal Card Project which we are undertaking in partnership with Art Projects for Schools Ltd (APFS).

The funds raised through your support will be used towards art budget for the school, from which your child will benefit. Importantly, the items recognise and celebrate your child’s creative effort and are great to send to family and friends.

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The accompanying artwork your child has created will be accurately reproduced in full colour onto cards that are available in packs of 12. Additional items are also available such as wrapping paper, packs of 6 larger gloss-coated luxury cards and packs of 12 folded gift tags. The quality of reproduction is excellent as is the quality of the cards; samples are available to view at the school office. You are of course under no obligation to order and greetings inside the card can be personalised to suit your own family beliefs.

Parents have the option of ordering the following items using their child’s artwork:


Standard cards
A6 in size and supplied in packs of 12 with envelopes.1st pack
Standard additional pack thereafter £4.50
Luxury cards
A5 in size, gloss coated, and supplied in packs of 6 with envelopes. 1st pack
Luxury pack additional pack thereafter £5.00
Gift tags
A8 in size, folded and supplied in packs of 12 with adhesive pads.
Wrapping paper
A2 in size, supplied in packs of 3 sheets

All prices include VAT. Envelopes are included in price


Any enquiries relating to the project should be addressed to Ian Evans via the school office or alternatively you may contact Art Projects for Schools direct by calling 0800 027 1939 or by email on


* They don’t have to be seasonal cards.  Need some custom party invitations?  Thank you cards? Wedding invitations?