Are you starting school in Reception at Mayfield in September 2016?  Look at these pictures to see what you will be doing here.

At 8.30 the gates are opened for entry to the infant playground. The side gate opens at 8.45am and we walk into our Foundation Stage outdoor area which leads to our cloakroom.

FS Day 1 1

Our adults come with us and see us in to the classrooms.

FS Day 2 1

This is the cloakroom where both classes hang their coats and keep their boots.

FS Day 3 1

FS Day 4 2







We take our coats off and put our things away, ready for the start of the day.  Everyone has wellies at school for when we are outside… It can get very muddy!

FS Day 5

These are the two classrooms

FS Day 6

FS Day 7

We sit on the carpet when our teacher shakes the shaker, ready for the register.

FS Day 8

After that we choose our own learning both inside and outside until snack time at 10.30.

Playtime on the infant playground is at 11am and after that we come inside and wash our hands ready for lunch.

These are the toilets. FS Day 10FS Day 9









School packed lunches are brought to the classroom before we go into the dinner hall.  We help each other to find the lunch bags with our names on them.

FS Day 11 1FS Day 12 1









We wait in line then collect a tray and cutlery before choosing what we would like to eat.

FS Day 13

Food is served from both ends of the dinner hall, the food choices are the same at both places.

FS Day 14

We then choose a place to sit and eat our lunch. If we need help we put our hand up and grown-ups come to help. We raise our hand to tell an adult when we have finished eating. Then we clear our trays away.

FS Day 15

Lunch playtime finishes at 12.40 when we come back inside for afternoon registration.

We do phonics and then choose our own learning inside or outside until 2.15 when we have afternoon snack of water and a biscuit.

After story time we collect our coats and bags from our pegs and our things from our drawers.

FS Day 16 1FS Day 17






We sit on the carpet and we wait for our adults to come into the classroom to go to after-school club or take us home.

FS Day 18

You can find out more about what happens in Reception on our year group page HERE.